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Our son Klaus,

was a sweet, quiet kid who for four years had to fight from birth with constantly recurring croup attacks.

He suffered a lot and we lived in constant fear for him.

With his 4th year, the agony stopped abruptly after a change of location, and he became a little rascal. He enjoyed it on the farm of his grandparents, to drive tractor with Grandpa and play with the animals.

The first school years were like almost all children. He was always a good attentive student, wanted to be but not best in

 class, because they get teased. 

 The in high school he got a very good physics teacher, Mr. Baginski, who very strongly motivated him to study Physics at the university.

He had given us as an adolescent, neither problems and has done everything for the study necessary in his own initiative. He evolved into a self-confident personality.

His countless friends took him as he was, one hand very short answers, other hand ranged up to all-night discussions. Talking about physics and computer was his specialty.

He was a focused man, who graduated to the Dipl. physicist with good success.

Klaus tended to be a perfectionist, so he had exam stress, which also left a few marks on him.

During an Asia vacation with his family, he fell in love with the island of Taiwan, where he spent his semester break regularly. He had won many international friends; he loved the other cultures.

He had then immediately again mined these traces of stress, by sat in the air plane and flew to his cherished Taiwan. A very warm thank you to Sakura, Shun Yang and her family who was helping him much.

As the exam stress was gone, he decided for the promotion, we were so proud of him.

Professor Magnussen from Christian Albrecht University, had accompanied his work and I think Klaus was not always easy, with his perfectionism!

Klaus had found an idol in Professor Magnussen and was full of admiration for him.

He did his PhD with distinction in July 2010 and could now as

Dr. rer. NAT. Klaus Krug to plunge into professional life.


He had a great desire!

A job at a University in Taiwan was his dream, and he worked to realize this dream with the help of his professor.

It worked and he got a contract in the "National Cheng Kung University" in Tainan, where he was warmly accepted. A warm thank you to Prof. Lee and his team.

During his research, Klaus could participate in some international conferences in Japan and Canada, which has him excited.

He spent his spare time with many friends and colleagues while traveling, golfing, fishing, at parties and at countless weddings and family celebrations to which he was invited.

He was very proud of his little niece Hannah, who has quickly become the mascot with his colleagues and students with their witty sayings and photos.

A year were 3 years – with sadness in October 2013, he has returned to Kiel, already with the idea to go back to his loved Taiwan.

He tried to rebuild his old relations with friends in Kiel and forgot the time.

On 4th August, he entrusted himself to his family, that he can endure the bad mental stress in terms of job search.

We have supported him with all our forces, but we not progressed without medical treatment. With some reluctance, he ultimately came to medical treatment in a psychosomatic clinic.

However, his symptoms did not improve, on the contrary. You looked at him, as he tormented himself and the nerves left his body no more peace. His plea for more effective drugs has not helped.

Even we as parents were not taken seriously in many conversations with the doctors and caregivers, and could move the doctors not to do more for him.

After he saw no other way out of desperation, he decided on 15th January, to redeem himself even from the pain and agony of his depression.

We are very sad and shocked and still cannot believe how this could happen on an acute ward in a hospital forever.



As fate would have it, came on 15th January an e-mail from Professor Lee of the University of NCKU in Tainan, which asked in addition to new year's Greetings, whether Klaus wants to return to his lab.



It is incredible!